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Billy Mac
Saturday - June 23, 2018


Man we are excited to have Billy Mac rocking the solo scene! You have seen him with The Bandits, Jake Hoot and Cheri Harper...
Now Come check out his solo show!

J. C. Andersen and John Fox
Friday - June 29, 2018

J. C. Andersen and John Fox Have been rocking the Southeast and are back at Spankies this Friday for a Local show.... Come on by and check them out!


John and I
Saturday - June 30, 2018


Friday - July 06, 2018

Coy Jackson has played many venues in Cookeville under many names...LL Coy J, Coyfish, Coytus,.. Following in his Fathers Footsteps - music runs in the Family (except in Neal and Sean) who invite you down to Spankies for Coys show- he's awesome! - an event not to be missed.... and Boosters for Everyone!


Smokey Mount'n Bandits
Saturday - July 07, 2018

Lucas McCoy, Ethan and Billy Mac are the Smokey Mount'n Bandits! They Rock!

Check out their Facebook page and see why they are so Awesome! Come check them out tonight!

BIG Jake Hoot
Friday - July 13, 2018

Jake Hoot will be playing the 2nd Friday of every month at Spankies. He is truly a talented singer songwriter with a great stage presence...come on down and check out "Big Hoot". That's what Jake Hoot is known by around his alma mater Tennessee Tech University...not only for his large stature, but for his frequent appearances on stages around the Cookeville area. But it didnt start here...
It all started on a stool in the middle of the kitchen floor in his grandma's house in Orange Grove, TX. With a wooden spoon in hand, he would serenade the women while they were cooking. And when he wasn't singing inside, he was playing football with his brothers and cousins outside. From there he would sing on front porches, back porches, and any other porches that would let him. He would continue singing even after his family moved to the Dominican Republic, where he would live 11 years before returning to the states to attend college. While in college, he played football and was honored to be a part of the championship team in 2011. He also met the love of his life while attending TTU, and got married shortly after he graduated. Now he plays at local restaurants like Spankies and in studios in Nashville....
If you get a chance, come on by and see Big Jake Hoot... you will certainly be glad you did!

Jake Hoot

The A J Carter Band
Saturday - July 14, 2018

AJ Carter has had great success jumping on the Cookeville music scene and is now going to be part of our regular lineup.... Come check him out he's a legend in the making! He always brings friends on the stage and off, a different, diverse, show each time!


Smokey Mount'n Bandits
Friday - July 20, 2018

Lucas McCoy, Ethan and Billy Mac are the Smokey Mount'n Bandits!

Check out their Facebook Page!

Tommy Lee and Friends
Friday - August 03, 2018

Tommy Lee has played Spankies with a HUGE following for years on Tuesday nights in the Jagerpalooza days... He is fun, upbeat, talented, knows more songs then anybody, and is tons of fun! J
tommy lee Spencer Huffines and Tim Dennis are now art of the lineup! WOW!

Smokey Mount'n Bandits
Saturday - August 04, 2018

Lucas McCoy, Ethan and Billy Mac are the Smokey Mount'n Bandits!

Check out their Facebook Page!

Interested in playing at Spankies? Do you like to play mostly covers with a few originals mixed in? We are interested in talented Acoustic shows! Click HERE to contact us!

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